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The first awe inspiring wave that we feel when contemplating Monsterrat Clausells new works, is the clean atmosphere that surrounds her paintings. It feels like a transparency protects them, silent prodigies hidden between the seams of reality. Rid of the superfluous, we now find a beautiful simplicity that disregards all shapes, contours or excessive sceneries. She is a creator of open spaces, and has no pretensions of filling them up.  It is a non evasive art that provokes a “ThinkFeel” impression, perceiving the infinite between wall and object, thus creating the perfect space for emotion.


Montse Clausells is a good example of how thinking is just as powerful as imagination in the human mind. Thought and imagination are essential dimensions for creating a responsible and compromised piece of art. But intelligence without creativity and without imagination does not take off. But Montse’s works allows us to fly thanks to the ideas and sensations it generates within us. This is because her paintings are not only a depiction of reality, emotion and communication. She also moves us by asking questions about the human being and its nature. A deep encounter occurs between the observer and the object observed. Through her silent work we understand ourselves better, we convey what have achieved and what we desire to become.  


In the whirlwind and frenzy of our times, Montserrat Clausell’s placid paintings give out the suggestion that we should pause without urgency and observe the nuances of life. She promotes serenity, following the rhythm of another time. A productive languidness.

The word “Idea” derives from the Greek word “Eidos” that means “To Look”: what you can see with your eyes. It is only through observation that we can reflect, analyze and extrapolate correct ideas. With her works, Montse demonstrates that she has not lost the innocence and the pleasure of looking at life with a clear eye: the people, the works of nature, the human condition, and even the subtle folds of the spirit. Her paintings are a landscape of the soul. Paused and slow.

Perhaps what she dreams up and what she doesn’t dream up in her artwork is precisely what our gaze finds in her paintings: The Beauty of Mystery.


For that is her true purpose: to reveal the beauty and the mystery of the world. She discerns a sudden brightness in the darkness. A lightning of intuition and imagination tears open the fog of rationality. A light that shines, but does not blind. She makes the invisible visible. Her paintings do not impose, they suggest; they explain the secret beauty that a glance can capture. Montses’ works respect our gaze and respect our freedom.


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