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February 2006. Finally Montse Clausells has arrived to Bhaktapur, small jewel  town in the Kathmandu valley, world heritage because of the richness of its architecture. Her Asian experience begins… her voyage into herself.  Slowly she goes through the mirror to plunge into a world  where time has another rhythm, the environment other sounds; colours and textures have changed their range, where Art has another symbols… During her two months stay, Montse discovers a way of life without stress, warm and interiorly rich people, time to converse, to look, to feel, to think: other values, other priorities. Surrounded by a scenery of temples, stupas and Gods, that are near to the human being and are part of their daily life, she teaches abstraction to the students of the Fine Arts School and in exchange receives a “new way of looking  and a new way of life”.

In this recent work, product of her stay in Bhaktapur, the architecture, so present in her other last stage, goes into a second level. Colours get warmer; red imposes itself and her whites fill with new nuances. In her mysterious nocturnal paintings, one can recognize the profiles of this magic town, where everything blurs when the sun disappears behind the Himalayas. 

In her veiled whites, we capture the mystery of the temples interiors; in her reds:

a chant to Life and to the Gods. Their are echoes of tinted pashminas drying in the sun, glimpses of the symphony of the monk’s robes, of the saris that so elegantly are worn by the Nepalese women, of the markets spices, of the offerings in the temples and in the streets…these paintings represent these months lived with all her senses.

In this exhibition,  Montse  uncovers a part of her soul, showing us her personal experience that she generously shares with us, through her work.



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